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There are so many types of staterooms to choose from on the Disney Magic and Wonder. We have compiled some useful information and photos, based on some frequently asked questions.


Secret Porthole Rooms (Outside staterooms at an inside price)

Deck 1 portholes (two small portholes vs. one large one)

Cat. 6 for the Price of Cat. 7: Obstructed Veranda staterooms #6634 and #7120

Handicap Staterooms Cat. 6 (6654) and Cat. 11 (7631)

Mystery of the Ceiling bed revealed

Aft Metal vs. "Regular" Verandahs (So what's the difference? Now you can see for yourself.)

Stateroom #5650, the "Barb & Tony Suite" (Category 6)

Navigators Verandahs (Category 7, a cozy & less expensive option. There are differences between the Magic & Wonder)

The Bathrooms (find out what a "split bathroom" really is and see the strange-looking hairdryer!))

See a Category 4 Stateoom (8536 family stateroom)

See a Category 3 Suite (8602 1 bedroom suite - handicapped)

See a Category 2 Suite (8516 2 bedroom suite)

Category 1 - The ultimate in luxury: The Walt Disney Suite and the The Roy Disney Suite

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