5650, the "Barb & Tony Suite"

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In order to take as many Disney cruises we do, hubby and I usually stick to the budgetary secret porthole rooms. But my favorite stateroom on both the Disney Magic and Wonder is 5650 (or the "Barb & Tony Suite," as I like to call it). Over the course of over 40 cruises, we've been in it many, many times. I love it because it is as far aft as you can get, and the deck 5 verandahs are the closest to the water. I prefer aft because it is practically deserted back there. The only sound is the engines, which I love (even at home, I sleep with a white noise machine due to a snoring hubby). Some people don't like the solid metal verandahs featured on the far aft staterooms, including 5650. But I love them because they are cozy, and they are also a little larger than the plexiglass ones due to the curve of the ship. Join me now for a "pictorial tour" of my favorite spot on the ship:
Notice that as you approach the aft of the ship, there are only staterooms on one side, which means less hallway noise. I think this starts around 5640.
A view looking towards 5650, which is way down and around the corner at the end of the hall...peace & quiet!
Corner is visible at the left in this photo, which shows the door to 5650. Next door there is only a door to a service area. We never hear any noise there.
There's not much past 5650, just a hallway that looks like it's a dead end, although it actually leads to a little-used staircase.
Above is the inside of the stateroom (and the anniversary baskey with which I surprised hubby on our 10th anniversary trip).
A view of Port Canaveral from the verandah.
A hello wave from the verandah of 5650 on the Disney Magic.
My idea of Heaven...relaxing on the verandah.
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