Disney Cruise Line Types of Verandahs on the Magic and Wonder

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Many people ask about the aft verandahs, which have a solid metal railing as opposed to the open rails with plexiglass. Below are photos showing both types. Most people prefer the rail & plexiglass verandahs, but I love the metal ones because they are so far aft, and most are also a little bigger due to the curve of the ship.
Above, note that the verandah is solid metal and is curved.
A view looking up at the aft metal verandah rooms. This is my FAVORITE room, 5650.
For comparison, a room with a "regular" rail verandahs covered with plexiglass (don't mind me stuffing my face with my third dessert of the night).
A view looking up at the regular verandahs (this is stateroom 5622).
The exclusive ground transportation service of the Platinum Castaway Club.