Arriving the Night Before Your Cruise

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The bidding method is still the best way to obtain a cheap room for the night, however the pricing information is over 8 years old, the latest bidding rates can be found at

We used to fly in on the day of our cruise, but ever since 9/11, we fly out the night before so we have a little margin of error. We always stay in the MCO area, and we get a hotel via or They have a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel, and we take Happy Limo to the port in the morning. On Priceline, I have bid from $25 to $29 and have gotten hotels ranging from the LaQuinta to the Marriott to the Renaissance. There are two is very nice, and the other (on Daetwyler Drive) is very icky, as I detail in trip report #27. If you want to avoid that one, specify a three-star property (but that also lessens the chances of your bid being accepted). I have bid as little as one week before our cruise and as much as two to three months ahead of time, and I've always gotten something.

The alternative is the Amerisuites via They don't tell you the name of the hotel in advance, but you can tell which one is the Amerisuites because of the list of amenities and the price range, which is around $33 tp #43.

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