The Golden Mickeys Disney Cruise Line Show

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Here are some highlights of the Golden Mickeys, one of the Disney Cruise Line shows. If you like Disney Dreams, you'll LOVE this one! The photos don't even begin to do it justice. (NOTE: Audience members are requested NOT to take flash photos. Out of respect for our fellow audience members, these pictures were taken flash-free, with the low-light setting on our digital camera.)
The sign outside the theater builds the anticipation.
Follow the red carpet to the Walt Disney Theater.
You will pass the giant Golden Mickey statue as you enter the theater.
The show begins with a rousing opening number.
Ensign Bensen is the reluctant host, taking the Captain's place after he is sidelined by an encounter with Goofy.
Roy E. Disney lends a hand to boost her confidence (He was recently removed and replaced by Whoopi Goldberg).
Roy uses the example of Walt's early days and rough times before he hit it big with a famous mouse.
The first Golden Mickey goes to Snow White, and the creative use of screens and backdrops puts the live actors into a fairy tale world.
The cute ending to the Snow White sequence features kids from the audience in the role of the Seven Dwarves.
Next in this fast-paced show comes Quasimodo...
...followed by Tarzan with Barb's favorite song (Son of Man) and some neat vine climbing.
Mulan has a great fight sequence.
Turk and Elvis Stitch lead a high-energy rendition of "Trashin the Camp"
The villians soon take over. Watch out for Ursala's tentacles!
Cruella does her famous number.
Everybody's favorite Toy Story characters do a song and dance on the theme of friendship.
Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty shows up with her prince and fairy godmothers. Her color-changing dress is awesome!
The costumes in the Lion King number are reminiscent of the Broadway show (if you haven't see it on Broadway, it is GREAT!).
Ensign Benson has made it through!
Of course, there is a huge, Disney-esque finale that will leave you wanting more.
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